Ordify x Centauri Labs

1 min readMar 17, 2024


Ordify proudly announces a collaboration with Centauri Labs, one of the leaders in Web 3.0 marketing advisory sphere. Together, we aim to elevate our project’s reach and effectiveness. Centauri Labs brings its expertise from guiding over 100 projects, leveraging a network of 2000+ influencers and strategic partnerships that align with our mission to refine and expand the DeFi experience.

Through the support of Centauri Labs, Ordify is poised to introduce outstanding DeFi solutions across diverse blockchain ecosystems. This collaboration focuses on project incubation and fundraising, setting the stage for beneficial partnerships and increased visibility in the cryptocurrency community.

Our united efforts focus on leveraging Centauri Labs’ vast marketing services and advisory prowess to bring Ordify’s multi-layered launchpad, bridge, and wallet features to a global user base.

Track our growth as we start an unmatched improvement and creativity phase, providing great assets for the cryptocurrency market. Ordify alongside many famous partners and Centauri Labs will seek to create a sustainable and innovative computing platform using the blockchain for the global user community.

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