Introducing Ordify’s 1st Incubation : Orbital7

2 min readMar 18, 2024


Ordify proudly unveils our debut incubation project, Orbital7, a complete toolkit engineered for the dynamic and intricate world of Layer 0 technology. This collaboration represents a leap forward in blockchain development, providing a suite of seven tools each designed to address specific challenges faced by developers in this space.

The Comet Airdropper revolutionizes how projects engage with their audience, automating the distribution of tokens with unprecedented ease and fairness. It allows for a seamless, equitable distribution of rewards to communities, underpinning our commitment to nurturing growth and participation.

The Genesis Inscription Mint offers developers the ingenuity to create Layer 0 tokens that are as unique as the projects themselves. By generating customizable inscriptions, Genesis ushers in a new chapter of token diversity and functionality.

Nova Token Burner addresses the necessity of managing token supply with precision. Nova provides projects with the means to enhance scarcity and value, instilling confidence among investors by transparently managing tokenomics and adjusting supply in response to market demands.

Nexus MPC Wallet reshapes how assets are managed collectively, introducing a heightened level of security through Multi-Party Computation. This wallet is pivotal for groups that prioritize stringent governance and safety for their digital assets.

Nebula Staking Pools incentivize community support and investment. By offering staking mechanisms that reward users, Nebula encourages the network’s stability and growth, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

The Celestial Vesting Platform takes a strategic stance on tokenomics by providing developers with an automated and flexible solution to implement vesting schedules. Celestial empowers projects to instill long-term investor confidence and promotes a sustainable token ecosystem.

Lastly, The Apex Fungible Lock solidifies the integrity of digital assets. By enabling developers to lock fungible assets, Apex combats the fears of unexpected market floods, ensuring that the asset’s value is protected against sudden supply changes.

Each of these tools synergizes with Ordify’s mission to streamline the blockchain development process, offering solutions that range from fostering engagement to ensuring security and promoting sustainable growth. Orbital7 isn’t just a set of tools; it’s the gateway to the future of Layer 0 innovation, incubated by Ordify and envisioned for a market ripe for transformation.

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